Privacy Policy

Last update: 17/07/2019

Worcome Studios

# Data

The following Privacy Policy applies to all software created by Worcome Studios as well as all related services.

There is no data collection system currently, so, no data will be collected. But, for our analytics system, only data is collected when you use the application support service (AppSupport).

The data collected by AppSupport are:

  • Name of user (Name of the operating system written by you, eg: Pablo-PC)
  • E-mail
  • Memory RAM (How much RAM does your PC have)
  • Screen size
  • Type of Account (If it is a User, Administrator or Guest)
  • From where it is executed (The route that contains the Application)
  • Language (The language you speak)
  • Operative System
  • Date and Time
  • *Serial number of your PC
  • *Manufacturer of your PC
  • *Product according to the Manufacturer of your PC
  • *May not be collected

    The only information that is collected is generated by AppSupport

    The information collected is secure on our servers and is not shared with any third party.

    # About RSS

    Our RSS system automatically subscribes all the emails that are collected by AppSupport, Google form, messages to some of our employees or even, out of the blue. No e-mail is shared with third parties, Your email is safe with us, but if you prefer you can unsubscribe from our RSS system.

    # Contact

    If you have any questions, problems or conflicts with our privacy policy, contact us!

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